Bill, just got back from a listening session at Arnie's house tonight. Best system I've ever heard. Period. Congratulations on achieving outstanding results for Arnie. I can say without hesitation that a good thing (M5s) got even better. I did not expect the improvement with the REL studio to be over the entire frequency range, depth of image, and three dimensionality but that is exactly what I heard. The VTLs are an excellent match at this point too. I will be anxious to hear what the VTL 7.5 can do. Again, well done and bravo for demonstrating what real customer focus and service looks like in your business. You earned the sale and the results are spectacular!


I have been working with Bill to upgrade my audio system over the past several months and I have become very impressed with Bill's knowledge of what can be done from both an audio system and a home theater design and installation perspective. His quality and level of service is the best that I have come across from any supplier in this field. So, if you ever need consultation, design work, wiring for home automation, home theater, audio, or any type of products in this area, for any of your clients, please keep Bill in mind as I can't recommend Bill and his team highly enough.